Africa in the 7th framework

This is a very important news! The Organizer of the Europe Africa Concertation Meeting told me today, that all African Research Institutions are eligible for funding in projects of the 7th framewwork. My information up to now was, that only SouthAfrican Institutions would be eligible. This should be wrong. South African Institutions have another advantage. They will get specific funding also from their government if they participate in 7th framework projects.
If this verifies it is revolutionary and will change our approach to the 7th framework program.

Biochemistry Publications (1989 - 1996)

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Acute Toxicity of two Carbamates to the Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) and the Zebra fish (Brachydanio rerio)

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Professional events 2006

Tour of the GAAS Information Institute

Permalink Dinner with President Luo

Sunday night we had the official banquet with President Luo of GAAS, who is also vice secretary of the party committee of Guangdong. Dr. Luo emphasized that the province of Guangdong was among the first in 1998 to bring internet services into rural areas. Bridging the rural digital divide would be one of their main goals and he wishes collaboration whit FAO on this

Meeting with the AGRIS group at CAAS

Knowledge and Information Management

This is an email I sent today to some of my colleagues. It is here out of context but could be of interest nevertheless.

Greetings from Bangalore airport, which is a quite uncomfortable place as there are no airline lounges and the crowds are filling up a small waiting area. Unfortunately all outbound flights from here to the "West" depart after 1 am......


At the 7th AOS workshop Prabakhar presented the implementation of AGROVOC into the DEAL (Digital Ecosystem for Agricultural Lifelihoods) Application and the Kethi Environment to create local versions of AGROVOC. This is a good showcase of the use of the thesaurus outside the traditional library environment.
The thesaurus browser has been installed on village information systems and has been very well received.

AOS Workshop at AFITA 2006

The 7th AOS workshop is a big success. It is unquestionable one of the best session of AFITA 2006. We have always between 25 and 40 participants (overall more than 46 people participated) in the workshop and the level of the presentations is really high. Participants came from India, China, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, France, USA and FAO. 15 out of 16 presentations were given. The very positive side this time was the lifely discussion. Often presenters were also interrupted with questions.