Apprenticeship as a Laboratory Technician

From 1976 to 1979 I worked as an apprentice at the Company Walter Rau in Hilter. Also in this case the company tried to fire me after 3 months, but I successfully won the trial and I had to be reinstalled. I finished successfully and got the title of a "Chemielaborant".

Walter Rau produced fats and other foods. I was working in food analysis and I learned a lot about food ingredients and contaminants. (I learned specifically how little our food is contaminated....)


In 1965 In was enroled at the "Gymnasium Carolinum" at Osnabrueck, 1 of the 2 oldest High Schools in Germany, presumably founded by emperor CharleMagne himself. I started in the classical branch with Latin and Greek and changed later to the linguistic branch to learn also some English.

Despite of having spent much more time in "fighting capitalism" instead of learning something useful at school, I obtained successfully my "Abitur" in May 1973.