Notes and Impressions from the first AGRIS OAI workshop

possible pilots for the first AGRIS open Archives in India:
Kerala Research Institute on tropical plantages
University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore

A problem is the situation at the AGRIS centre in Delhi. They are doing this still as an activity specifically for AGRIS not embedded in the normal work. They should only take care off the Indian Agricultural Research Institute. THey want to migrate to WebAGRIS. Sending WebAGRIS resources to Mitali and couching her through the process. It should also be questioned if they migrate to WebAgris, Migration to AGRIS Dspace might be more efficient.

We should establish a strategic partnership with DRTC/ISI in Bangalore. ARD Prasad is a main figure in the Indian Open Archve Scene and they are willing to move also the difficult to move centres of ICAR. We should make an exchange gettind ARD for 1 Month next April to Rome to work with us.

Prasad is already going actively in the creation and registration of an official AGRIS/Dspace, registerd in source forge and as a project which serves the agricultural community. We should should actively support this roadmap.

A further interesting point is to force Jai and his troops into an openSource version of NEWGENLIB . Prasad has a grant for an opensource library management system. The project would be to combine DsPace with NewGenLib to get a combined Repository-Library Management system.

An important figure in the NAIP policy for Knowledge Management is Prof. Rama Rao from NAARMS, we need to establish contact and partnership.



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