Professional events 2006

Tour of the GAAS Information Institute

Permalink Dinner with President Luo

Sunday night we had the official banquet with President Luo of GAAS, who is also vice secretary of the party committee of Guangdong. Dr. Luo emphasized that the province of Guangdong was among the first in 1998 to bring internet services into rural areas. Bridging the rural digital divide would be one of their main goals and he wishes collaboration whit FAO on this

Meeting with the AGRIS group at CAAS

I spent big parts of the afternoon with the AGRIS group at CAAS. The responsible person now is a young PhD Ms Wang YongChun. Dr. He, the former responsible did not implement any changes to the AGRIS processing system. He feeded the old AGRIN application with different input, did the translation and the indexing and produced the ISO output for Rome.
There is an intrinsic problem in the fact that the AGRIS production at CAAS is a service exclusively for the AGRIS database in Rome. The cataloguing work for the CAAS re

Ideas to exploit the Mapping Project

In a discussion after the presentation of Chang Chun we had some brainstorming about possible exploitation. See a general scheme from Chang Chun at Scheme for the use of the mapped thesauri Several ideas:
a) Search assistant. We associate to a fulltext searchengine a a searchassistant with a multilingual thesaurus/ontology
b) Searching the FAO website with the Lucene tool in Chinese
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Presentation at CAAS

On Thursday, May 11 I gave my presentation at CAAS, Information Institute with the Title The new AGRIS initiative. Around 30 people participated. As always I had my doubts in how much the participants were following for language reasons. But I was made clear by the very lifely discussion that people had understood.
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NeON Kickoff meeting

NeOn Project Launched

Keizer's group is part of an EU 6th Framework project on Ontology Lifecycle Management and Responsible for one Workpackage: from the Pressrelease

20 March 2006 - FAO-EU meeting on new frontiers and projects in global knowledge exchange
Working to bring information closer to the people who really need it is one of the aims of a meeting at FAO headquarters from 20 to 22 March 2006 involving 65 experts in the field of knowledge technology and communications from universities, research institutions and industry partners across Europe.
Part of a 14.7 million euro four-year project largely co-funded by the European Union, for which FAO is providing information through its access to global fisheries databases as a test case, the meeting will discuss how computers can most usefully and rapidly select from a wide amount of information only the exact information needed on any given subject.

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