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Europe Africa Concertation Meeting

I am today participating in the Europe-Africa concertation meeting. This meeting is organized by the START IST, project.
The START program is a specific support action within FP6 for promoting to get Subsaharan African Organizations into the FP7 Framework programs. There are 1 European and 2 African Partners in Start. It is a 2 years program and they will publish in October 2007 a strategic Framework.

Africa in the 7th framework

This is a very important news! The Organizer of the Europe Africa Concertation Meeting told me today, that all African Research Institutions are eligible for funding in projects of the 7th framewwork. My information up to now was, that only SouthAfrican Institutions would be eligible. This should be wrong. South African Institutions have another advantage. They will get specific funding also from their government if they participate in 7th framework projects.
If this verifies it is revolutionary and will change our approach to the 7th framework program.

Internatonal Open Access Workshop in Bangalore

Friends:n 2 and 3 November, an international workshop on open access was held at the IISc faculty hall. It was jointly organised by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Indian Institute of Science and the M S Swaminathan Research Foundation with support from the Open Society Institute. There were 16 overseas experts and a dozen from India.

Please see the workshop website for the presentations and the policy statement that emerged from the

Collaboration with IIT Kanpur

IIT Kanpur has a project of a Personal Knowledge Manager. A kind of Knowledge Napster, that will make it possible to exchange information between all users of the PKM. Has to be programmed from scratch to give meat for the students.

The will send us a Project note and I promised a problem statement, set of users and set of requirements


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