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AGRIS - South to South

A new AGRIS initiative will be AGRIS South to South exchange with Country portals for India and China directed mainly to Africa


We have to exploit the reestablishing of the Chinese AGRIS centre. We must do now the

CHina Portal (Agricultural Knowledge from China for the World) - should this be a series

of Portals Title AGRIS South-South. We have now the Chinese references and we should

organize them in a easy to use way. We could also go for ads from Chinese AGRO TechnoFirms

Paper on Merging of FAODOC and CDR accepted by GIL Management

The paper on merging the metadata workflow of FAODOC and the Corporate Document Repository has been accepted by GIL Senior Management. The paper has been written commonly by people in my Group and GILWW. It paves the way to a more efficient management of FAO publications metdata.

This Blog links to the paper but it is available only FAO internatlly

CGIAR and FAO Working together in Knowledge Sharing

It is only through the transfer and exchange of knowledge , both explicit and tacit, that research organizations can really have an impact on the global issues that are facing mankind in the third millennium. Towards this end, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) have joined forces, working collaboratively on several projects.

Meeting with Kevin Painting

I met today Kevin Painting from CTA to get briefed about CTAs RSS project and to brief Kevin about the AGRIS Content Management Taskforce. Main points
- Kevin will write a short report to the AGRIS content managment group about the CTA RSS project. This is a project about aggregating and selecting feeds. They have done a tender and are evaluating the tender at the moment. I briefed Kevin about our project of a high level description of working with feeds and the pilot on Early Warning Systems discussed in Nairobi

Kenya 2006-05

In May 2006 I participated in the founding conference of the IAALD Africa chapter in Nairobi. Together with Hugo Besemer I organized during the conference a meeting of the Agris Content Management Taskforce. I also visited KARI (Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute)

Meeting at UNESCO about the future of CDS ISIS

There has been a meeting at UNESCO about the future fo the CDS ISIS software family. The outcome is more or less a request to UNESCO to act
i) UNESCO is expected to take a clear political decision regarding the future of the
CDS/ISIS project and the ISIS family of software. The community should be informed
that there is a future for the CDS/ISIS databases.
ii) To support the development of a Free/Libre and Open Source solution for information
management that is based upon the CDS/ISIS concept and the ISIS family, with

China, Guangzhou Province, May 2006

On invitation of the Guandong Acadamy of Agricultural Science, I visited in May 2006 the Academy in Guangzhou and various institutions in Guangdong Province. I took the oppportunity also for a backstopping mission to Beijing regarding the AGROVOC mapping project.

The presentations held in Beijing and Guangzhou are attached.


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