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On State monopoly of power

..Schoolchildren are currently fed the disinformation that Native Americans and other peoples in pre-state societies were inherently peaceable, leaving them uncomprehending, indeed contemptuous, of one of our species greatest inventions, democratice government and the rule of law.....


Europe, America , Value Differences

I agree completely with Timothy Garton Ash about the stupidness of constructing a contraposition between good Europe and bad America, or the other way round. But this should not lead to the conclusion that there are no differences of opinions, values and prospects. These differences are not between Europe and America but within both of them . I also feel uncomfortable between the division of the world in " liberal democracies" and the others. ALso within the liberal democracies there is debate about the direction of development.

Quelli che votano radicale «per far ballare Prodi»

Viaggio tra gli elettori di Ds, Margherita e Prc tentati dalla strana coppia Boselli-Bonino. Per difendere la laicità dello stato e non solo.

• da Il Manifesto del 30 marzo 2006, pag. 2

di Luca Fazio, Giorgio Salvetti

La Rosa nel pugno in faccia lascerà il segno. Pesante. Troppo tardi per scansarsi, nel centrosinistra qualcuno lo ammette. «Siamo molto preoccupati». Potrebbe non essere da fantascienza uno scenario dove saranno Intini e Capezzone a fare il Bertinotti della situazione. Non è un sondaggio, ma è l'aria che tira. «Ma, senti un po', e la Rosa nel pugno?».

Impressionen von der Demonstration fuer die Befreiung von Giuliana Sgrena

150 zu Contessa tanzende Studenten unter Regenbogenfahnen. Das ist ungefaehr so konsistent wie Che Guevara auf einer Friedensdemonstration. Aber zumindestens nicht klaeglich.

Alle Voelker wollen den Frieden, keine Regierung - das ist Ausdruck der Klaeglichkeit der Linken.
Sie ist petulante geworden.

Dann schon lieber: Ridate ci Giuliana, vie diamo Berlusconi...

Verhaeltnis Deutschland Amerika

Womöglich ist das für Altatlantiker ein noch schlimmerer Schock als für die jetzt in Deutschland regierenden 68er. Joscha Schmierer, ein Freund Joschka Fischers aus linksradikalen Tagen und mittlerweile im Planungsstab des Auswärtigen Amtes, erklärt es so: Der klassische Nachkriegs- und Nato-Atlantizismus hat die Vereinigten Staaten immer bloß als Stabilitätsgaranten betrachtet, er hat „nur das ordnende Moment im Blick gehabt und das revolutionäre übersehen“. George W. Bushs Amerika aber ist keine Status-quo-Macht mehr, sondern eine Kraft der Veränderung, ein weltpolitischer Unruhestifter.

Chomsky on the right wing libertarians

Chomsky: The term libertarian as used in the US means something quite different from what it meant historically and still means in the rest of the world. Historically, the libertarian movement has been the anti-statist wing of the socialist movement. Socialist anarchism was libertarian socialism. In the US, which is a society much more dominated by business, the term has a different meaning. It means eliminating or reducing state controls, mainly controls over private tyrannies. Libertarians in the US don't say let's get rid of corporations. It is a sort of ultra-rightism.

American Values

1. We are an optimistic people, not a fearful people. We strive to be brave and free, not fearful and repressed.
2. We value freedom and democracy so much that we would proudly give our lives to protect and advance them.
3. We can't promote the principles of freedom and democracy by violating them.
4. These principles are our common moral compass. We may change our policies as circumstances change, but we hold firmly to these core principles.
5. In military matters, Smart is as important as Strong, and Right is more important than Might.


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