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This saturday I became aware of two different manifestations. One was at the TV (I am always looking at the TV in the Gym....). More than 150.000 people were demonstrating in Ankara for the non religious character of the Turkish republic and against the possibility of an islamistic president. A woman was speaking to the crowd. I was very much touched.

When I went home I encountered on Via Cavour the following:

Dentro il PD o fuori?

Boselli non vuole entrare nel PD . In un certo senso lo capisco pienamente. Il PD sembra qualche volta la combinazione dello statalismo ex-comunista con il vaticanismo ex-democristiano. Il peggio che l'Italia ha prodotto. Ma! Sull'altro lato abbiamo lo statalismo ex-fascista ed il rozzismo piccolo borghe non ex della Lega o di parte di FI.
L'Italia ha bisogno di un bipolarismo. La separazione può essere nettamente quella del vechio bipolarismo fra sinistra e destra.

Viva Marco!

Marco Panella ha reagito positivamente al Congresso dello SDI a Fiuggi. Questo è straordinario per il modo divisorio della politica italiana normale. Lo SDI ha una buona responsabilità per il tramonto di questo bellissimo esperimento della RNP. Quanto preferirei una "Rosa nel Pugno" che un nuovo PSI!!!!. Ma, la politica che è stato espresso da Boselli al congresso di Chiusi è accettabile. Se il socialismo di oggi si traduce in una sintesi fra difesa delle libertà individuali e solidarietà con i più deboli, che è da lamentarsi?

Mehr zu Links und Rechts und "human nature"

Dieser post bezieht sich auf einen anderen,, in dem ich schon einmal versucht habe das unterschiedliche Verhaeltnis von linken und rechten Werten zu einer menschlichen Natur zu fassen. Ich wuerde jetzt ergaenzen: Traditionell unterstreicht die Rechte natuerliche Tendenzen der menschlichen Natur: Eigensucht, Male Chauvinism, Kinship instead of Society, das Recht des staerkeren, waehrend die Linke, diese menschliche zu sublimieren (und zu negieren versucht: Freiheit, Gleichheit, Bruederlichkeit - und zur Not mit Gewalt.

What kind of rights are possible

The below linked article from the Economist supports my opinion that it is inappropriate to speak about the right of housing, the right of food, and so on. Limiting essential rights to a few, will make it easier to enforce them:
- free expression of opinions
- not being jailed without a proper legal treatment by the authorities
- protection against violence from others
- state of law
this are basic principles that also can be enforced by a simple decision of will.

The problem is not globalization! A new distribution campaign in the industrialized world is necessary..

There are new reasons for a traditional leftist approach to social politics!  Reasons to defend globalization and capitalism!   If globalizations leads to the impoverishment of the lower middle classes and to the outrageous enrichment of the upper 10%, the consequence will be that the rage of the impoverished will  not go against the rich, but against the developing countries which are taking their place in the world economy. So the "struggle of class" becomes new sense in the developed world.

Demand the nearly impossible

But when politicians look only one or two weeks ahead, we, the citizens, should compel them to look one or two years ahead. When they raise their sights to one or two years, we should insist on ten or twenty. We should not demand the impossible of them; just the nearly impossible. Demand it of them and of ourselves. For we are the thousand million, that never have spoken yet.

On State monopoly of power

..Schoolchildren are currently fed the disinformation that Native Americans and other peoples in pre-state societies were inherently peaceable, leaving them uncomprehending, indeed contemptuous, of one of our species greatest inventions, democratice government and the rule of law.....


Europe, America , Value Differences

I agree completely with Timothy Garton Ash about the stupidness of constructing a contraposition between good Europe and bad America, or the other way round. But this should not lead to the conclusion that there are no differences of opinions, values and prospects. These differences are not between Europe and America but within both of them . I also feel uncomfortable between the division of the world in " liberal democracies" and the others. ALso within the liberal democracies there is debate about the direction of development.


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