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FP7 in Motion: Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics, Digital Libraries and Content.

Luxembourg, 2007-01-23

I am participating in the Information days of the Directorate e of the IST area of the European Commission. The Director Harald Forster, and the 2 Unit heads, Pat Manson (Digital Libraries and Technology enhanced Learning) and Roberto Cencioni (Intelligent Content and Semantics) have organized this meeting to inform about the possibilities and constraints to present projects to be funded within FP7. There are more than 300 participants from throughout Europe.
We have been invited to present a project within the "proposals clinic".

Africa in the 7th framework

This is a very important news! The Organizer of the Europe Africa Concertation Meeting told me today, that all African Research Institutions are eligible for funding in projects of the 7th framewwork. My information up to now was, that only SouthAfrican Institutions would be eligible. This should be wrong. South African Institutions have another advantage. They will get specific funding also from their government if they participate in 7th framework projects.
If this verifies it is revolutionary and will change our approach to the 7th framework program.

Digital Ecosystems

I had a meeting this morning at the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, in which participated the Undersecretary Stefano Boco, Paolo Dini from the London School of Economics, Francesco Nachira Section Head (Digital Ecosystems) from the European Commission and representatives di T6, an Italian non for profit private company,

Meeting at UNESCO about the future of CDS ISIS

There has been a meeting at UNESCO about the future fo the CDS ISIS software family. The outcome is more or less a request to UNESCO to act
i) UNESCO is expected to take a clear political decision regarding the future of the
CDS/ISIS project and the ISIS family of software. The community should be informed
that there is a future for the CDS/ISIS databases.
ii) To support the development of a Free/Libre and Open Source solution for information
management that is based upon the CDS/ISIS concept and the ISIS family, with

CGIAR Knowledgesharing Workshop

The first day during my stay in Nairobi, I participated in the CGIAR Workshop on "Knowledge Sharing in Agricultural Research". Beside interesting techniques for better sharing of tacit knowledge (chat show, Speed dating, World Café) - I know them all from my time as teacher at the German School, I experienced a real Dilemma on this workshop. Speaking about knowledge sharing might significate two totally different situations. The first: Knowledge Sharing between Researchers, this is a straightforward discussion and many things are to be said and to be done.


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