Meeting at UNESCO about the future of CDS ISIS

There has been a meeting at UNESCO about the future fo the CDS ISIS software family. The outcome is more or less a request to UNESCO to act
i) UNESCO is expected to take a clear political decision regarding the future of the
CDS/ISIS project and the ISIS family of software. The community should be informed
that there is a future for the CDS/ISIS databases.
ii) To support the development of a Free/Libre and Open Source solution for information
management that is based upon the CDS/ISIS concept and the ISIS family, with
architecture and the operation compatible with the current state-of-the-art networked
databases and the draft proposal presented by BIREME (“Proposal for an open source
ISIS Network Based Platform project, BIREME/PAHO/WHO, 12 May 2006).
iii) There is an urgent need to develop a new multi-platform, stable graphical user interface to
manage ISIS databases in a time frame of one year. It should be built upon the existing
file formats. It should also include the widely used features of WinISIS and of the
formatting language. Preferably, these developments should be implemented together
within the framework of the new FLOSS project.
iv) The institutional support of UNESCO is considered essential for the development of the
new ISIS platform.



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