Demographic Development in Italy

ISTAT  has published the demographic Indicators for  2011. The Italian population.  The population in Italy has grown by  about 220,000, there are more than  60 million people living in Italy.  Behind these number is hidden that the "Italian"  population shrunk by 65,000.  Only because of the increase by "foreigners" of 290,000, the overall increase results.

GDP Growth, Productivity and Population


In this document are comprehensive tables from 1960 to 2010!  Very interesting numbers.  The GDP/employed person in Italy is higher than in Germany, per worked hour, much lower!

 An employed person in Italy in 2010  worked 383 hours/ year more than in Germany,  this are 9 weeks more!!!!!!!

Employment Rates


 The total employment rate  for people in the  EU27  aged 20 to 64, which is the age group targeted in the 

Europe 2020 strategy, rose steadily from 66.8% in 2002 to 70.4% in 2008, then fell to 69.1% in 2009, and 

decreased further in 2010 to 68.6%. The employment rate for women in this age group, which increased 

Statement provocatorio

Statement "provocatorio":

Avevo una discussione oggi sulla manovra Monti con una mia collega che sosteneva che la manovra porterebbe a nuovi grandi numeri di persone che dormono sulla strada e che devono andare alle mense pubbliche per mangiare,

La manovra Monti

 I don't agree with those, who are crying against the measures that the Monti Government has decided to combate the budget deficit.  I mostly agree with the big measures and also with the small ones. 

Pension System:  this is the main pont, where bancrutpcy was looming.  Now finally:

Die Piraten

 Bundesparteitag der Piraten :,1518,801643,00.html


Das sieht sooo gut aus: weg mit der Kirchensteuer, Legalisierung von Drogen, Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen als Denkmodell, Die Euroskeptiker wurden abserviert. Vielleicht haben wir doch die Chance auf eine wirklich liberale Partei in Deutschland? In der Zwischenzeit hoffe ich , dass die SPD Peer Steinbrueck zum Kanzlerkandidaten macht :-)



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