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"For these LiveJournal blogs, the average number of readers is seven, says Ms Trott. Such small audiences are common in participatory media. Indeed, they may conform to the biological norm, whereas mass-media audiences may have been an aberration. Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist at the University of Liverpool, has studied primates and discovered a surprisingly stable ratio between the relative size of the neocortex (thought to be responsible for the evolution of intelligence) and the size of groups formed by particular species.

Happy days are here again—or are they?

For the Americans in the middle, who have no strong partisan allegiances, we have failed to articulate a real plan or vision,” say Markos Moulitsas Zúniga and Jerome Armstrong, two of the most popular Democratic bloggers. “It's not that people know what we stand for and disagree; it's that they have no idea what we stand for,” say James Carville and Paul Begala, two of the architects of Bill Clinton's winning presidential campaign in 1992. The.....On most other issues, people tell pollsters that they prefer the Democrats.

Thoughts during the visit of the "Egyptian Museum in Cairo"

Humanity might have only one origin. It might have gone also through this famous bottleneck (100.000? years) ago, that left only a few thousand of individulals. The neolithic revolution happened in several places on the earth idipendently (see Jarred). Civilization seems to have been born twice between 5000 and 3000 bc. The Egyptian civilation is impressing. Already 5000 BC kingdoms were existing in Northern and Southern Egypt. They were united in 3000 bc starting with the old kingdom.

Power Centres

The Americans are so far away from dominating the world. And weapons are completely useless for this goal (see Iraq) The World will develop 3 main power centres. Europe/NearEast/Mediterranean Idian/SouthAsia China/Japan/EastAsia. THere will be two regional power centers, Brazil and Southafrica. The United States will scale more with Regional Power Centres than with the World Power Centres.. The reason for this is both: ideological and economica

Quelli che votano radicale «per far ballare Prodi»

Viaggio tra gli elettori di Ds, Margherita e Prc tentati dalla strana coppia Boselli-Bonino. Per difendere la laicità dello stato e non solo.

• da Il Manifesto del 30 marzo 2006, pag. 2

di Luca Fazio, Giorgio Salvetti

La Rosa nel pugno in faccia lascerà il segno. Pesante. Troppo tardi per scansarsi, nel centrosinistra qualcuno lo ammette. «Siamo molto preoccupati». Potrebbe non essere da fantascienza uno scenario dove saranno Intini e Capezzone a fare il Bertinotti della situazione. Non è un sondaggio, ma è l'aria che tira. «Ma, senti un po', e la Rosa nel pugno?».

Nicht die Arbeitslosenquote zaehlt sondern der Prozentsatz der Beschaeftigten

confronto con gli altri paesi europei (fonte Eurispes) troviamo che nel 2004, in Italia, ogni cento persone con un'età compresa tra i 55 ed i 64 anni, ne lavoravano soltanto 31, contro 41 della Francia, 43 della Germania, 57 del Regno Unito e, prima tra le nazioni europee, le oltre 70 della Svezia! Inutile dire che con un numero così basso di lavoratori, il sistema previdenziale non si sostiene.

Mapping of AGROVOC to the Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus

My group got a grant from a specific program of FAO a for a joint project between FAO and the Chinese Accademy of Agricultural Science. Within this project AGROVOC will be mapped to the Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus. The lead of the project is with FAO in Rome. In Beijig a team of expert is established to do the mapping. Goal is to get deeper access to Chinese agricultural resources and to give better possibilities for Chinese speakers to access FAOs information.

This is a major achievement in the construction of the Agricultural Ontology Service

Professional events 2005

Release of the Webportal for Agricultural Information Management Standards

Presentation at the Annual Conference of ASIST

Expert Consultation on Agricultural Research and Technology Information Systems English (US)

J. Keizer's group was the organizer of track 2 of the expert consultation. He himself gave a
presentation on "The role of bibliographic databases today and Open Archive Services in Agricultural
Science and Technology"

NKOS workshop at the European Conference on Digital Libraries English (US)
The specification of a mapping schema linking the Chinese agricultural thesaurus to AGROVOC

Dublin Core 2005 English (US)

Member of the Programme Committee and Keynote Speaker

6th AOS workshop at EFITA 2005

eNRIC Project Manager

Second Workshop on Coherence in Agricultural Information Systems

Open Forum on Metadataregistries

Margherita Sini from Keizer' s group presents The Agricultural Ontology Service - a FAO initiative for
more coherence in agricultural information Systems. Presentation


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