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Europe, America , Value Differences

I agree completely with Timothy Garton Ash about the stupidness of constructing a contraposition between good Europe and bad America, or the other way round. But this should not lead to the conclusion that there are no differences of opinions, values and prospects. These differences are not between Europe and America but within both of them . I also feel uncomfortable between the division of the world in " liberal democracies" and the others. ALso within the liberal democracies there is debate about the direction of development.

Happy days are here again—or are they?

For the Americans in the middle, who have no strong partisan allegiances, we have failed to articulate a real plan or vision,” say Markos Moulitsas Zúniga and Jerome Armstrong, two of the most popular Democratic bloggers. “It's not that people know what we stand for and disagree; it's that they have no idea what we stand for,” say James Carville and Paul Begala, two of the architects of Bill Clinton's winning presidential campaign in 1992. The.....On most other issues, people tell pollsters that they prefer the Democrats.

Power Centres

The Americans are so far away from dominating the world. And weapons are completely useless for this goal (see Iraq) The World will develop 3 main power centres. Europe/NearEast/Mediterranean Idian/SouthAsia China/Japan/EastAsia. THere will be two regional power centers, Brazil and Southafrica. The United States will scale more with Regional Power Centres than with the World Power Centres.. The reason for this is both: ideological and economica


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