Evaluation of the ILRI Information Center, trip to Ethiopia and Kenya

At the beginning of December I conducted together with my colleague Peter Ballantyne, the IAALD president an evaluation of the ILRI InfoCenter . ILRI wanted an external and indipendent evaluation of the developments that had taken place in the restructuring of the ILRI library in the last years. Trip to Ethiopia and Kenya 2008 The picture shows the environtment of the ILRI Information Center at the Addis location I hope that my contribution to the evaluation (the report is not public) were as useful as the enormous amount of knowledge that I gained speaking to the dedicated librarians in Addis and Nairobi and to many researchers who were using the services. Some of the experiences during this evaluation were inspiration form my position paper for the GRL2020 workshop (http://www.johanneskeizer.com/?q=node/741) We exploited a free Sunday to see some of Ethiopian culture. The picture below shows me with the Ethiopian emperor Menlenik, the African leader who defeated a European (Italian) army. Trip to Ethiopia and Kenya 2008