Old Fashioned?

I am normally frontrunner regarding ICT innovations. When I moved in 86 from Germany to Italy, I already came with my PC, well PC, it was more a typewrite with screen. When Internet came ppublic, can't remember the year, I had one of the first accounts. I still remember the emotion when after painstaking attempts finally the modem brought you into connection. I remember Mosaic. I programmed one of the first data driven ASP applications at FAO. I have cabled our flat and we have 4 internet connected PCs for three inhabitants :-).
There are two things I got not used to: Twitter and cellphones. I hear: the laptop is dead and the future is of the cellphone. I cannot imagine. I hate cellphones. Ok, their being invasive is not linked to their possible use at Internet terminals. But what can you with them. Do you think, I will ever write an article on a cellphone? Or reading the Economist, or even Repubblica and Spiegel online on a cellphone? I am not a Masochist. Upto now I refused to get a blackberry. The last thing I desire is to answer emails, while I am at a dinner, biking or having still more pleasant time. I don't need mobile banking, I need my homebanking once a week, when I am comfortably at home. I hear about the cellphone as the future of internet devices, and I am thinking to buy a second screen (second to my 24" high resolution) screen to be able to work with 3 windows open in parallel. I do need to look up constantly the weather and neither the prices of commodities OK, sometimes I could use a mini device. Getting older, I become always more forgetful. Sometime I cannot remember anymore that the (unfortunately expresident) of Chile was Michelle Bachelet, then I desire a quck Wikipedia connection.
Twitter: There was only time, when I was not bored by Twitter (I have an account since it exists). This was during the events in Iran, when people used Twitter to give short and precise accounts of the crudelity of the regime. Yes and for this Qick and Miniblogging is a powerful instrument. But who cares that "xy on the way into the snow" or "yz at the ab conference", or snippets on twitter from a conferencen of a speaker. Instead of sending these useless snippets around the person should have made some sensible notes and then write a thoughtful and in depth article.
I am not against speed. I am myself running a lot. But speed is not everything. Contemplation before talking and acting is a value!!!!!!!!!
I am just examing the market for the most powerful smartphone available. I just heard that ACER will come out with smartphone developed from a computer, not the other way round. I will buy it.

And now I will twitter this post. :-)

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