A steak

Now I am for two days in Malaysia. Yesterday I had dinner at the Buffet Restaurant of my palace of the "Golden Horses", Brr. Nothing had any distinguishable taste. After nearly 10 days of China my taste buds had become sophisticated.
A the end of the week I asked myself: Is there anything in the Chinese cooking that was lacking to my nutrition habits and my taste desires?
Yes, surely Wine, Coffee and Italian bakery. Bai Jiu is not for me on the long. I want wine, really good wine from grapes. I consider it nearly an insult to dine this storm of flavours from Chinese cuisine without the appropriate wine. Yes, and I need coffee and I am not a fan of Asian sweets.
The last evening in Guangzhou we went to a special Restaurant of a very special Guangzhou cuisine. No fat, no salt, very few spices. A soup of sea snails and beef, marinated goose, a fish cooked and served separately, head and tail, and the other pieces. Some fresh vegetables cooked with just the little amount of fresh bacon to give a good taste. Unbeatable! But a good bottle of Chardonnay would have made it perfect!
Ok, coffee, I could substitute with green tea after a time, the cookies also. So anything left, except the wine?

Mediterranean fish recipes? No! I have never eaten better fish and seafood than in China, The ability not to overcook fish is something, what all the Restaurants in Rome should study in China

Pasta? No, all the different kind of pasta, dumplings and rice and and and... At he last dinner in Hefei we got two different kind of potatoes, with a stronger taste than normal potatoes. Also the different way to flavor, rice, pasta, potatoes, there is nothing what I would miss from mediterranean cooking
Vegetables mushrooms, way more varied and better than in Europe.

So? Frankly, after one week, I was missing a big piece of nearly uncooked beef, a steak!!!! All other preparations of meat are nearly better in China, but this was lacking :-). I had this steak today, in a Steakhouse in Kuala Lumpur, and it was very good.
But then I had some of the terrible deep fried insults that they serve in these places - then I prefer Chinese cuisine without steaks.

But Pecorino? ,, yes also cheese is missing.

So? I will go on with mixing and fusion. Viva la globalization.

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