Visit to Cheng Kan

On our way to Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain), where everyone in his life has to go once in a time,.... we stopped at an ancient village , Cheng Kan. Cheng Kan exist since the times of the Han dynasty, but in his now form it is there from the Ming Dynasty. Going around in the village you will interesting remainders (very few from Han and Yuan times) but many from the times of the Quing and Ming dynasty.

(I will publish the pictures I made on FlickR as soon as I am back to Europe. It seems that uploading picture to FlickR belongs to the activities blocked by the big red firewall - which blocks not really the activities of Chinese :-) but surely those of harmless foreign travellers - I miss my facebook)

Astonishingly, this village is not a "Museumsdorf" as it surely would have been in Germany and the nice old mansions are also not sold as holiday appartments, as it surely would be in Italy. No, in the old village are still living and working rural people, poor rural people. Also some of the big and ex luxury mansions are now used by poor famer families, who still are working under the Dazibaos of the cultural revolution.

I am publishing here one photo because I liked the text very much:

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