"Zwei Wochen vor der Inauguration   Barack Obamas (47) als Präsident der Vereinigen Staaten wurde in Rotterdam zu Beginn der Woche der marokkanisch-niederländische Doppelstaatler Ahmed Aboutaleb (47) in
sein neues Amt als Oberbürgermeister der größten europäischen Hafenstadt eingeführt."

This article in the German Newspaper "die Zeit" comments the fact that in Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb, an immigrant from Morrocco, who has still also the Morroccon citizenship has been elected mayor. The socialdemocrat Aboutaleb is on the black list of islamist fundamentalists who have labelled him as a traitor. After the murder of The van Gogh he told such muslim citizens of the Netherlands who expressed sympathy with the murderer to take the next plane and to turn back into their countries of origin. He is a firm supporter and believer in integration.  He has also issues with his own party as he sometimes as not very much comprehension about the complains of social injustice by Dutch citizens.  He compares to Beni Sidel in Morocco, where he was born and social problems in western European countries look much more relative.
Who could imagine a Turkish citizen, mayour of Bremen? Or an Albanese citizen mayor of Bari? The Dutch must be thanked for their will of experiments. This shows what is possible in the European Union.  The participation of European citizen with origin from Turkey or the South Coast of the Mediterranea should also strange the cause that the entire Mediterranean area should join the EU.

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