Hans Christian Stroebele and the German Flag

Hans Christian Stroebele is the directly elected representative of the Berlin constituency (Kreuzberg), where I live. He is part of the fundamentalist left wing of the Greens. Most probably I would not vote for him, as I do share very little with his lot. I am in favor of German involvement in UN peace keeping, I am in favor of free market and globalization, I am in favor of keeping German nuclear power plants online as long as this is technically wise, ... and there are many other differences in opinion. But I would defend Stroebele in the "flag issue".(http://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/0,1518,594687,00.html)
He said that he feels uncomfortable when he sees everywhere and overall the German flag exposed. He further informed that during the world cup championship he exposed a flag, which on side was the German and on the other side the Turkish (In Kreuzberg the population of Turkish people is about 30%! Germans are only 58%). Politicians from the Christian Democrats used this for ridiculous attacks: "der Würde des Bundestags nicht angemessen. Herr Ströbele muss sich fragen, warum er in Deutschland im Parlament sitzt und nicht anderswo." said the Head of the young Christian Democrats. Unfortunately also leading politicians of the liberals joint the chorus.
I admire the turkish people who exposed German and Turkish flags during the championship expressing their belonging to both cultures and countries. I frankly would not expose the Italian flag (although living here for 20 years now);I feel definitely German. But my most important flag is that in front of the building where I am working - the blue flag of the United Nations. Then I consider important another blue flag that of the European Union, then I sometimes fell also proud of the black/red/golden colours of the German flag, the colours of the democratic revolution of 1848.

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