Is social and intelligent capitalism possible?

Schokoladenkonzern Ritter Sport: "Wir haben die unteren Lohngruppen abgeschafft" - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wirtschaft

     There is people (surely the neoliberals, but also the old school liberals like the "Economist" - my favourite newspaper), who deny thatit  is useful and possible to give a  specific ethical dimension to capitalism. They pretend that capitalism is good as it is (with some rules, but as few as possible). The only place a capitalist has to look to is the market and that only market forces will be able to change economic behaviour.
      There is people like those who always hated capitalism, who wants to set somenthing else in the place of the market, no profit, social consciousness. They occupy niches, transform to "normal" capitalism, are subsidized by the community/state, or fail.
      Then, there are strange capitalists like the chocolate producer Ritter described in the above interview/article in the Spiegel. He invested for 18 years in biological cacao production in Nicaragua, he abolished the lowest wages classes in his company and: he makes money and is one of the biggiest chocolate producers in Germany.  He says: if a business grows only 5 %, but profits grow 25%, then someone pays for this, or employers, or the environment, or the public at large and he refers to banking crisis. He says. Companies at the stock market, being forced to report results quarterly are not able ton investments with only long range results.

I always tend to agree with the liberals. Capitalism has to be changed by market behaviour not the other way round, but:  Not only culture of the masses counst! Also culture of the single subject counts!  Ritter shows... see also:




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