A political uncorrect thought on values

Another common criticisms of globalization is the the theory of cultural imperialism by western values. But shouldn't we ask before about the values and why some western values are so successful all over the world at least in the sphere of desire? Thinkings like: - a Human Live is a value by itself and to be defended - the law should rule and not the force - individual freedom is a right of everyone have been codified first in the declarance of independence and the American constitution as a consequence of development of political thinking in Europe. There are now at the basis of the declaration of human rights by the UN. The mere fact that the "western" states violates them themselves is not a good reason not to be proud of them. These are achievements of the human development. They have been become manifest earlier in Europe, in the western world, but they are common human values. We are doing well to promote them. Bush is not wrong on this, but unfortunately on everything else.

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