Internal Globalization

I am Back to the United States. This time on holidays; we picked up Matilde at UCLA (which is the LA part of the same University to which belongs Berkeley) and we will travel California for two weeks. After 3 days in Los Angeles another difference between Europe and the States seems clear to me: The United States are much more "internally globalized". I had read, that going from one neighbourhood of LA to another is like crossing the border between San Diego and Tijuana. happens very seldom

that the Economist is in agreement with Fidel Castro.   But too much is too much, also for the Ultra-liberals from my favourite newspaper.  They criticise explicitely the silly policy of the American government to fancy the production of Ethanol from maize.  This is not ecological, this is against free trade, this is against globalization

Ethanol | Castro was right |

The problem is not globalization! A new distribution campaign in the industrialized world is necessary..

There are new reasons for a traditional leftist approach to social politics!  Reasons to defend globalization and capitalism!   If globalizations leads to the impoverishment of the lower middle classes and to the outrageous enrichment of the upper 10%, the consequence will be that the rage of the impoverished will  not go against the rich, but against the developing countries which are taking their place in the world economy. So the "struggle of class" becomes new sense in the developed world.

More than just Bangalore

Second, India is producing far more world-class companies than China. The best known are the wizards of software and “business process outsourcing”—Indian firms have two-thirds of the global market in offshore IT services and nearly half that in BPO. But now they are being joined by manufacturers. Again, unlike China, this manufacturing boom cannot be explained by cheap labour, but by the efficient use of technology. India's merchandise exports grew by a quarter last year.

Cultural Flattening and Globalization

One of the accusations agains globalization is that it would even out differences between cultures and would make the world a boring place of all the same shops, food, music and so on. Only MacDonalds, Bennetton and Hollywood.
Apart from the fact that cultural differences cannot be maintained and defended by ordinances from well meaning lefties (Wine drinking now becomes an abit all over the globe simply because it is a pleasure and why should Asians to be allowed to....) , there are also two important objections against this thesis of cultural flattening.

A political uncorrect thought on values

Another common criticisms of globalization is the the theory of cultural imperialism by western values. But shouldn't we ask before about the values and why some western values are so successful all over the world at least in the sphere of desire? Thinkings like: - a Human Live is a value by itself and to be defended - the law should rule and not the force - individual freedom is a right of everyone have been codified first in the declarance of independence and the American constitution as a consequence of development of political thinking in Europe.

Multicultural hysterics-Immigration Discussion in Germany

Hardly a day now passes without a new proposal to address the cultural and social problem of integrating migrants. On the left, people want to get rid of the Hauptschule, the bottom layer of a widespread selective secondary school system. On the right, there have been calls to punish youths whose behaviour shows they are not willing to integrate—by expelling them from school or even sending them to a “taster jail”. Chancellor Angela Merkel will soon convene an “integration summit” to air these and other ideas.

Happy days are here again—or are they?

For the Americans in the middle, who have no strong partisan allegiances, we have failed to articulate a real plan or vision,” say Markos Moulitsas Zúniga and Jerome Armstrong, two of the most popular Democratic bloggers. “It's not that people know what we stand for and disagree; it's that they have no idea what we stand for,” say James Carville and Paul Begala, two of the architects of Bill Clinton's winning presidential campaign in 1992. The.....On most other issues, people tell pollsters that they prefer the Democrats.

Power Centres

The Americans are so far away from dominating the world. And weapons are completely useless for this goal (see Iraq) The World will develop 3 main power centres. Europe/NearEast/Mediterranean Idian/SouthAsia China/Japan/EastAsia. THere will be two regional power centers, Brazil and Southafrica. The United States will scale more with Regional Power Centres than with the World Power Centres.. The reason for this is both: ideological and economica


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