Carots and Leek

That sounds banal, but it is not if... If you get very young leek. Saturday my veggie-monger at Piazza Vittorio had this fabulous leek, only twice as thick as spring onions and with an incredible fragrance. Also the carots were tasty and not as the many pinky water concentrates you get often.

A nearly perfect Fisch"Curry"

You cannot do this often. You need some friend, who comes back from the tropics and brings you a fresh coconut. Cheers to Modesta, our Phillipine cleaning lady, who brought a fresh coconut from her own tree at home.
OK, I called it Curry, but there is not an ounce of Curry Pulver in it, instead:
- a good amount of ginger
- not too much garlic
- a bunch of spring onions
- a tomatoe
- some thai chilli
- fresh coriander
if you are adventurous enough also capers and peppers (not too much, but so it gets really fusion)

Tagliata di Tonno in Crosta di Pepe Salsa Di Yoghurt e Verdure Croccantt

600 g di tonno
1 vasetto di Joghurt
100 cl di panna
5 carote
5 zucchine
100g di verza
pepe in grani

Tagliare le verdure a juliennee saltarle in padella con olio e aglio. Filettare il tonno e arrostirlo a fiamma viva su tutti e quattro il lati. A parte ridurre la panna e quando è fredda incorporare lo yogurt e succo di limone, a cottura ultimata del tonno panare il filetto nei pepi trattati, servire i filetti scaloppati con le verdure e la salsa allo yogurt.


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