...from now on I should be mighty and rich

...and I should also have many girlfriends :-). I bought a big black Dragonhorse at the museum of the city wall of Xi'an. As I bought the big black one (for the office), I got also the smaller white one (for home) and I got also the little pink one for having many concubines. So I should be completely settled. At least if I would believe in Feng Shui theories; if it does not work out I will surely have failed to put the Dragonhorse in the right ankle to the sun, the moon, or the star in a specific day or some other site settings were wrong. Nevertheless I will not scream about the 1400 RMB I paid for the Dragonhorses because a) the girl who told me everything about the Feng Shui museum did a nice job, b) the profit from their sellings is for the maintenance of the city walls what is a titanic task and c) the Dragonhorses are very cute! :-)

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