Is chicken breast edible?

 Admittedly I would have answered convincedly "NO", if you would have asked me that last week.  Most of the chicken breast I bought in the last years was for the cat.  She compared with commercial cat food and told me  that I was a Gourmet Chef, when I was serving her the boiled or microwaved disgust.

But for human beings?   Chicken breast  tasted like "shoe soles" as my daughter, much more critical than the cat, confirmed. Dry, fatless and tasteless, protein concentrates  (With I don't know how many residues of treatments in industrial chicken plants, of which I hope you never had a look, I had......)

Saturday, two weeks ago, at the Farmer Market near Circo Massimo,  I dared to buy chicken breast.  Well, I was assured by the price  :-).   Chicken breast in supermarkets is barely more than 10 €/kg, at my market (Piazza Vittorio), they sell also for half of that.  I paid  7 Euros, but: for 300g.  The price/kg was 22 €!  I had some skepticism about this.  For much less thant this I would have gotten very good   aquacultured "orate"  at piazza Vittorio.

Then I had no time to prepare the chicken breast and it ended up in the freezer to be defrozen yesterday.   I was really curious.  I simply but some salt on an iron pan and fried the meat pieces for a short time, taking care, not to overcook them.  Wonderful!  A real taste of chicken. I know people who cannot stand this any more.  They are so used to tasteless chicken that the real chicken taste pushes them off.  In this case it was not too strong, just it was clear: chicken. Juicy, not dry at all, and without any spices, just a bit of salt...... could not finish it.  Today I had the remainders,  only just warmed up in the microwaves, sliced and mixed with Olive the Gaeta, also from the Farmers Market.   You cannot immagine, the meat was nearly better than yesterday.

Just pay 22 € for chicken breast and you will re-discover that it is not only edible, but a delicacy.