A very simple, but delicious Duck

I am getting a duck specialist. "L'anatra" al mirto has become part of my repertoir. Last week I tried a "steamed duck" derived from a Chinese recipe. I still have to finish the write up, what shows that it was complex :-)

Yesterday I had 6 guests for dinner and was home at 6 pm. So the duck dish had to be simple. I also did not get my usual ducks from Piazza Vittorio. I have no idea where the "Piazza Vittorio Ducks" come frome, but they have little fat, especially under the skin. As I was in hurry, I got a frozen one from the FAO commissary. I was a bit sceptical...... The duck survived well the unfreezing in the microwave (but what a cruel and awful procedure!).

Then! Last week I found my provider for Chinese ingredients (also near Piazza Vittorio). One of the Items I bought was a 5 spices mixture, but not grounded! Star Anise, Fennel Seeds, Sichuan Pepper, Cloves and cinnamon. You ground only the quantity you want for cooking; so you can keep them for a long time without loosing fragrance.

I grounded a good amount with coarse sea salt. With this mixture I treated duck inside and outside rubbing in thoroughly into the skin.
Into the oven at 250 for 20 minutes then 1.5 hours at 160, then again 10 minutes high temperature to get it really crisp.

Well, the duck lost weight! There were at least 2 cm of fat in the pan to be thrown away, but the duck was delicious, delicious. As a second course it is just ok for 6-7 persons, if they already had a good amount of pasta before.

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