Anatra al mirto

This is a recipe from Sardegna!
Get a good meaty duck, not too fat. The cheap ducks (5 €/kg) from Piazza Vittorio are normally excellent for the recipe.
Then the complicated part: you need mirto. (after cross translating from Italian to German to English, it results that it should be myrtle....well,) You might be condemned to never try this very good dish, when you live out of Italy. I am in the fortunate situation to have mirto on my balcony. Best it is, when there are also berries.
You need first to prepare a broth, easily done: water, salt, a two carots, some salary, an onion... you will know what taste you want from your broth. But do not overspice it. It is the duck, which should give the flavour.

When the broth has become well aromatized by the greens, put the duck inside and boil it gently, best at 90°, for 1.5 hours. The cooking time depends obviously from the size of the animal. For me 1.5. hours are enough for a 2 kg duck, but Cecilia likes it cooked more.

Now there are variances how to proceed: the original recipe wants that you put mirto around the duck and then to wrap it into a towel and keep it for the night. In the original way it is eaten cold.

I prefer it tepid. So I divide the duck after cooking into 4 pieces and put these 4 pieces with a lot of mirto in a towel or in a pot for some hours. Then I prepare it as shown in the photo. Really good! Also my guests at the "Cicala e la Formica" liked it.

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