Given up on dinners and lunches

Headline now should be 5th Dinner, or something like that. But I have given up monitoring. Variety of dishes and quantity of meals is far above my capacity to follow up. In fact, I am not on a mission to test and evaluate Chinese regional cooking (at the moment Anhui is under scrutiny, much spicier and much more use of Garlic than up to now....), but I am here to re-vamp our working relations with Chinese institutions in Agricultural Research Information Management.
What I not can avoid is: to eat. And even lunches I cannot refuse, so there a days with two of these Banquets.
Up to now dishes are simply not repeating, what makes is more difficult to record and judge, but very pleasant to eat :-). I hope, arrived in Guanzhou on Sunday I might find time again to write details about the food. It looks like that I will not be able to avoid a lunch tomorrow at the top of the yellow mountain (1800 M). At least we agreed to walk for some hours and not to do every meter by cable car.

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