The exaggerated fear of radioactivity

The attached article from "The Spiegel" is interesting. If the facts and numbers are true (and the Spiegel should not dare to invent such stories),&nbsp; then we have another good piece how the link between science and human progress has been attacked by a certain cultural tendency of the left in the last decades. For many years now I was thinking that attacking nuclear power in the 70s was a sign post that the left had lost its historic link to rationalism and illuminism.&nbsp; The "Atom" had become the inpersonalization of the bad.&nbsp; But I was not aware that stories and numbers were invented and obscured regarding the real dangers of real incidents.&nbsp; Read the Spiegel Artikel which is based on an EU research project<br /><br /><a href=",1518,518895,00.html">Atomunfälle: Legenden vom bösen Atom - Wissenschaft - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten</a><br /><br /><p class="poweredbyperformancing">Powered by <a href="">ScribeFire</a>.</p>

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