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Excellent! This escaped my Radar. There are always less arguments against the use of opensource.

A useful redirection of military spending

Military spending of many European countries seems just useless to me. To maintain an army you do not need only technology.  You need a certain spirit of willingness to fight also in the population.  An army that has not been involved into a conflict for 50 years can hardly be supposed to have a successfull stand in an upcoming conflict.  Last week I found an article in which US officials were complainig about the unmanly behaviour of German soldiers  (They refused to take posiition, because it was too cold :-)).

But this is not the socialdemocratic Sweden!

But this is not the socialdemocratic Sweden! Sweden is governed by the conservative party (conservative only by name) since 2002 and thez have done an amazing work in revitalizing the country. If the Italian government would dare to introduce social la - Welfare, uguaglianza, crescita: ecco la Svezia senza crisi

«La nostra società è più egualitaria di quella italiana. Anche qui, però, non mancano i ricchi». La voce di Verner Egerland, ordinario di lingue romanze presso


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