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This Blog is not maintained anymore

This blog is not maintained anymore.  Last postings are from 2013. We are living in the times of social media. Little space for individual websites

 I keep it open though  for archival purposes as it contains posts from more than 10 years.

You can go to if you are interested into my occasional worldviews


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Promotion of GODAN in China

In june 2016 I visited South China to promote GODAN among agricultural research Institutions. South China GODAN tripI gave presentations at the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Science, the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Science and Information and Documentation Center of the Chinese Academy of Science in Chengdu. The Chengdu Center and the Guangdong Agricultural Academy joined GODAN.

GODAN representation at the G20 MACS meeting in Xian

In 2016, GODAN was the first time officially appointed as an Observer to the meeting of the  G20 Agricultural Chief Scientists. I represented the GODAN secretariat at the meeting in   Xian.  Now all important Agricultural institutions of G20 members are GODAN partners (except Russia). Germany announced at the meeting to hold a Linked Open Data workshop in 2017 and to create a German position in the GODAN secretariat

Presentation of GODAN at UPM

UPM in Kuala Lumpur is the AGRIS center with which my team in FAO has a collobaration of more than a decade. keizer at UPM  So it was a special pleasure for me to come here to present GODAN. This was in the context of a meeting on "sharing of scientific information".  I was enthusiastic about the activities of the loca AGRIS center.



Democracy and Freedom

It is true for most countries, what the Economists retains nearly a Dogma: democracy and individual freedom go together. But this is not true for nearly half of the worlds population. The democratic India want to punish homosexuality with 14 years of jail; the Chinese autocracy is tolerant towards gays (actually the government campaigns for tolerance in the population.

Good Science from Europe! Has it been financed by an FP7 project? :-)

Good Science from Europe! Has it been financed by an FP7 project? :-) - World record: Scientists from northern Germany produce the lightest material in the world | e! Scien

A network of porous carbon tubes that is three-dimensionally interwoven at nano and micro level -- this is the lightest material in the world. It weights only 0.2 milligrams per cubic centimetre, and is therefore 75 times lighter than Styrofoam, but it is very strong nevertheless. Scientists of Kiel...


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